Month: May 2015

Recent Work

NEW ESSAY: I’m beyond grateful to have an essay, “Lost (and Found) in Translation,” as part of the New York Times Disability Series — and part of a collaborative essay conversation called “Explaining Our Bodies, Finding Ourselves,” with the ever-lovely Molly McCully Brown.



“Cell Watch: Strip Cell,” is being turned into a short film for Season 8 of Motion Poems. To check out the team of filmmakers behind this project and to learn more about it, visit the film’s website.



“Panopticon,” The National Poetry Review.

At Holmesburg,” featured by Poetry Daily.

“Chamber,” “Where We Are,” and “Prisoner’s Tubal Ligation with the Archangel Gabriel,” The Los Angeles Review.

“Prisoner’s Cinema with Saints Catherine and Lucy,” Guernica Magazine.

“Tapetum Lucidum,” “The Difference Between Life and Death,” and “War Fugue,” Public Pool.

“Look How Dark the Mountain Is,” “Another Kind of Clay,” and “In the Long Grass Kneeling,” New Orleans Review.

 “Something Clinical,” and “Lore,” Cider Press Review.

“Open my body,” and “Self-Portrait as Marshland,Diode Poetry Journal.

“Bestiary,” “On the Physiology of the Heart,” and Morphine,” The The Poetry Blog.

“Preparing the Animal,” winner of the 2013 American Literary Review Poetry Prize.



“At Pritchess Detention Center,” and “Cell Watch: Strip Cell,” Los Angeles Review of Books Quarterly, Spring 2017.

Prisoner’s Cinema with News from Home,” “Interrogation Instructions: Flood,” “War Pastoral,”  and “At Holmesburg,” Crazyhorse.

“Prisoners’ Parable of the Lamp,” and “Prisoners’ Parable of the Flood,” 32 Poems Magazine. Featured on Verse Daily.

“Premortem,” The Journal.

“Horse Broke Clear,” Beloit Poetry Journal.

“My Father Dreams of Horses (iii),” Sycamore Review.

“My Father Dreams of Horses,” and “My Father Dreams of Horses (ii),”  Ninth Letter.

“Notes to the Body,” “Letter to My Pre-Op Self as Etiological Myth,” “Letter to My Pre-Op Self as Marionette,” “Self-Portrait as a Stand of Willows,” and “If You Come to the Sea and You Must Cross,” in Southern Indiana Review.



“Day Surgery or Toward a Big Unsubtle Ars Poetica,” Contributors’ Marginalia Series, 32 Poems.

“Paternalia,” The Rumpus.

“Off Record,” The Rumpus.



The Cloudy House: “Susannah Nevison On Teratology”

The Missouri Review: Unbound Book Festival Author Interview

Ruth Awad/Pet Poetics: “Susannah Nevison: Re-Naming the Body”



Thanks to Southern Indiana Review for featuring recordings of three poems from Teratology:

“Letter to My Pre-Op Self as Marionette”

“Letter to My Pre-Op Self as Etiological Myth”

“If You Come to the Sea and You Must Cross”


TERATOLOGY (Persea Books, 2015) REVIEWS:

Publishers Weekly

Foreword Reviews

Reviewers’ Choice: 2015 Favorites

The Deaf Poets Society



Unbound Book Festival, 2017.

Patricia Aakhus Award from Southern Indiana Review, 2014.

Civitella Ranieri Foundation Fellow, 2015.